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HT Fashion’s aim is to bring high street fashion and value for money to all of our customers. High fashion and top quality is our main concern and our wholesale handbags are not only functional but stylish.

wholesale handbags There’s so much to consider when choosing your wholesale handbags ideal bag; it should suit your lifestyle, your sense of style and your budget. HT Fashion can meet all of those need so if you’re looking for fun, trendy and luxury wholesale handbags in a range of materials, designs and colours, HT Fashion have you covered.

If you like a fuss free bag that you can throw everything into and go, the style of choice should be the trustworthy tote. Fantastic for traveling, the tote bag fits your electronics, books, magazines and excess clothing.



If you’re planning a day out shopping, a beach trip or a short weekend break, our tote wholesale handbags are absolutely essential.

Sometimes described as a ‘Shopper’, a Tote is a medium to large bag with two straps and an open top. They are normally square in shape and are the most versatile and popular of all handbags.

The term ‘tote’ is derived from the word meaning “to carry”, and our tote wholesale handbags are designed with structure and space in mind.

Our Paris Purple Shopper is great if you enjoy that touch of classic French style. With a romantic Eiffel Tower print, this tote is perfect for a day out shopping.

Or go for our bold pink leopard tote handbag or our youthful Miss Melody blue bow tote handbag. Our customers love our fashion forward wholesale handbags and HT Fashion are always happy to discuss your specific requirements. There really is a bag to suit every occasion, every event, every outfit and every mood so get in touch and try our terrific totes today!


Faithful Festival Friends

A handbag is so much more than a useful item for carrying our purses and makeup.  Just as important as shoes or jewellery, handbags are a style statement and, with the festival season approaching, you’ll want the perfect wholesale handbag.


When working with the fun of festival style, choose wholesale handbags that will allow freedom of movement, are large enough to carry your day’s essentials and that also make a loud fashion statement.


For music festivals in the sun, we always recommend the humble rucksack. Have a look at our exciting collection of wholesale handbags where we stock a large selection of rucksacks, all with colourful and exciting designs.


Our boldly coloured and beautifully designed wholesale handbags are bright and ideal for carrying your basics whilst also injecting a flash of colour to your outfits.

wholesale handbags wholesale handbags

At HT Fashion, our customers save money but get top quality wholesale handbags and a wide assortment of styles, whatever the occasion.


Our wholesale handbags collection is versatile and varied, offering superior arm candy at competitive rates. In this regard, HT Fashion is one of the most popular wholesale handbag suppliers in the business, offering fashion forward handbags and prices that you will love.

Prints, including florals, bohemian Aztec themes and animal prints are a beautiful look this season and can transform a run-of-the-mill rucksack into a real dream.

Rucksacks will be your faithful festival friend this festival season – so choose your wholesale handbags with HT Fashion and we can get you to the festival in true style.


In Step with Top Designs

Trends come and trends go, but at HT Fashion we make sure that we keep you in step with the world’s top designs as well as stocking an exciting array of wholesale handbags guaranteed to suit all individual tastes and styles.

Go for our Dolce and Gabbana inspired wholesale handbags, oozing romantic floral charm and perfect for the summer. Our Flower Polka Dot Black Crossbody bag is a sure winner and bound to add a spring to your step and complete your outfit. Ideal for shopping or as a short weekend bag and featuring a bold and colourful print, check out our selection of floral wholesale handbags – we’re sure you’ll love what we have on offer!

Wholesale HandbagsMoving on to our McQueen motivated zip purse; transported from catwalk to the High Street, Alexander McQueen’s trademark skull design is loved by celebrities including Johnny Depp, Nicole Ritchie and Cameron Diaz.

Wholesale Handbags

Lastly, (and this one may come as a surprise) fur, yes fur, is being encouraged by top designers such as Roberto Cavalli and Fendi as being an essential accessory for the summer season. HT Fashion’s luxurious range of faux fur wholesale handbags are perfect for creating a statement, so whatever your choice of summer style, let us keep you in step with the top designs with HT Fashion’s wholesale handbags.

Wholesale Handbags

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Did you know that commercial LED lighting is able to replace traditional fluorescent commercial lighting, even going as far as to outperform it in just about every way? It might sound a little hard to believe if you’ve never had experience of commercial LED lighting products, and all the benefits they can bring, but it’s definitely true!


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If you’re in need of the very best commercial lighting on the market, you’ll definitely want to check out what we here at Litecraft Commercial have to offer at our online store. You can always pick up the phone or drop us an email if you’d prefer to get in contact, however, so don’t hesitate to let us know if you’ve got any questions or queries!